Whisky Heroes

I have been so fortunate to have been accepted into this Whisky World so wanted to put down some acknowledgements to those wonderful people! 

Note that is is not a extensive list and there are more people that I want to mention. This will be built on over time so come back and check.

The Whisky and Things Podcast

Whisky & Things Podcast

Dave and Nick are some of the funniest, passionate and all round coolest people in the Whisky world. Both are very talented musicians, they produce one of cleanest and most engaging Whisky review podcasts out there. Blending wit, kindness and pure intrigue it is well worth checking them out! Also shout out to my arch rival The Whisky God on their show.

Website: whiskyandthings.com
Podcast:  Spotify  |  Youtube

New Dram Drinker

New Dram Drinker

There is not a more welcoming couple then Anthony and Nicky aka New Dram Drinker and Mrs New Dram Drinker. Producing fresh and engaging content they don’t shy away about being “relative newbies” despite such solid knowledge of all things Whisky. Promoting “Pour it, Drink it, Enjoy it” they follow this mantra and bring you along for the ride.

Website: newdramdrinker.weebly.com
Youtube: NewDramDrinker

Certified Originals

Created by New Dram Drinker, this is a FREE to join Whisky Community full of great people with a good slice of banter on the side. They run live chats with people in the industry, including from Mackmyra and Wolfburn, which are so much friendlier then the standard stilted Zoom discussion. I would 100% recommend checking it out!

Website: Certified Originals

The Three Drinkers

The Three Drinkers

I found out about The Three Drinkers via Instagram and since fell in love with their show and podcast. Helena, Aidy, Colin and their whole team are brilliant and I have been lucky to been in communication with them early in my Whisky adventure. I would 100% recommend checking out their Instagram (some amazing competitions) as well as their show. I have watched it all at least 3 times now.

Website: thethreedrinkers.com
Podcast: Bring a Bottle
Show: Prime Video

Some Great Blogs To Check Out!

There are so many great blogs and content to check out and here are some great places to look:

The Dramble

Malt Review –  (check out my reviews on here!)

Malty Mission

No Nonsense Whisky

Whisky Resource

Whisky Shared