About Jeff Whisky

One mans hunt through the wild world of Whisky

In honesty, I find all this talking about myself quite embarrassing. However here goes…

Growing up I never really liked the taste of larger and ale, so being in the West Country, I embraced the bumpkin life and turned to cider. This very quickly lead to Rum. Any Rum was good Rum.

The obvious next step was Whisky. The first bottles that were explored included Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, Johnnie Walker and Haig club. This lead to a deep dive into the Whisky world over the past 3 years.

Then came the dreaded year of 2020. Suddenly the online Whisky world exploded, with tasting sets, online tours and Whisky communities popping up everywhere. After a couple of months this lead me to create the Instagram page – @jeffwhisky to help keep track of my adventure. This then lead me to meet and talk with some amazing people who have been so welcoming and encouraging.

This all leads here. One of the “Whisky drinkers of tomorrow ” with yet another Whisky Review website. Or at best just a thinly veiled excuse to try more Whiskies.

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